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Sleep is essential for every one of us and plays an integral part in how much energy you will wake up with each morning. A bad nights sleep will leave you listless the next morning whereas a good nights sleep will have you waking refreshed and ready to do battle with your day. Don’t forget to grab your loom and leaf coupon here: FJIW88

So what makes the difference between a good night and a bad nights sleep? Lets put most things to one side that we are unable to control. These would be our stress levels, any injuries or possibly loud noises and instead let’s look at the number one thing that we can control when it comes to getting a good nights sleep, and that is the mattress we use.

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While you may think that you sleep great on the old and lumpy mattress that you currently have because it is so super comfortable for you, there is an excellent chance that you are missing out on a great nights sleep. One of the reasons that mattress companies are doing so well these days is because they are making products with enhanced properties and materials that do have an impact on our bodies and that do provide a better platform for sleep than older methods of mattress making.

And it makes sense that they continue perfecting the perfect mattress. We spend around 8 hours in bed, a third of every day so it should be important to us. So what makes an excellent mattress. note that depending on your preferences, not each will make it onto your ultimate mattress checklist

1) It needs to have a level of firmness to it that assist our pressure points. The stability will allow other parts of the body to refresh. When you are prone to the weight on one part of the body, this reduces blood flow to that area.

2) A hypoallergenic loom and leaf mattress will stave of dust mites, bacteria and will reduce the chance of your asthma arriving as you go to bed. It will also reduce the amount of itchiness and sneezing.

3) Try to use a mattress made of a material that will allow the bed to breath; it will stay cool in the warmth and warm in the cold as air freely circulates through it.

There are some newer bedding materials and construction methods available, and while not everything on the above list will be of interest if you can find a bed that combines three factors that your current bed does not then your current sleep is going to be significantly improved.

A good loom and leaf mattress will give you more significant support, reduce allergies, and allow better airflow of the materials. What One thing to keep in mind is that you may not need to buy a full mattress. Bedding manufacturers have now concluded with the latest materials to work with and new methods of construction and bulk manufacturing that they can instead build each of these benefits into what is classed as a bed topper. This is necessarily a thinner than usual mattress that lies upon your current mattress and is tied using pre-stitched corner saps so that it does not move as you move.