Why You Should Be A Back Sleeper For Al The Good Reasons

Back sleepers have the benefit of allowing the spine to straighten and lengthen while you sleep which will help relieve some ofthe symptoms for those whose complaints consist of chronic back pain. This will enable you to wake up more relaxed and with a straighter spine. There are other main benefit is that if you sleep with your head straight, then your chest muscles will not need to pump so hard to assist your breathing, as your lungs will be able to expire both more naturally and deeply, giving your blood a better oxygenation than other types of sleepers.

For the makeup wearers it is also a great position to keep any left over make up that you are still wearing away from your pillows. Sleeping on your back with your face straight will also help with minimizing wrinkles due to the natural effect of gravity the will keep your facial skin more taught than other poses.

Another great reason to sleep on your back is that due to the natural position, it is the best way to fight acid reflux while you sleep which can be an issue for other sleepers and be one of the causes of them waking up prematurely in the middle of the night

The above are all valid reasons for why you should be a back sleeper, and if you can see the benefits in these, then the best thing is when you go to bed tonight to lie on your back and try to drift off to sleep. There is a good chance that you will wake you in the same position that you usually do, but the more often you fall asleep on your back, the more your body will become ingrained in the habit.

If you are finding that when sleeping on your back you awake more refreshed, then you can look at a bed made of the latest technical bed material, memory foam. This type of content will allow you to teach the contours in the memory foam to keep your shape. After several weeks, depending on the brand of memory foam bed, you should find that there is a faint outline of your body lying on your back.

This is what memory foam is meant to do and which will be major assistance in helping you train your body in changing your sleeping habits from your current way of going to sleep to being able to go to sleep and wake up still on your back.

Talk to people that you meet, work with and socialize with, and ask those that appear to always have an abundance of energy as to which way they lay in bed. There is a good chance that many of these will be back sleepers as well.

When it comes to getting a good nights rest, back sleepers are all over the other sleepers in additional energy, better looking upon waking due to the gravity assist, and have a straighter and more aligned posture first thing in the morning